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Letter from the Pastor Regarding Our Ministries and the 2019 Ministry Budget and Faithfully Forward Capital Campaign

Thank you for all of you who have been supporting the vibrant ministries of Faith UMC—and the ministries of the United Methodist Church throughout the world. Your prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness have been a true blessing. This has been a tremendous year! Eight people officially joined the church—and many more new folks have gotten deeply involved. New leaders are taking charge of various ministries—Shepherding, Missions, Finance, Lay Leadership, etc. People are serving on the Worship Team; repairing, upgrading and cleaning the facilities; planning social events and fundraisers, teaching; visiting folks; etc. We couldn’t possibly measure the diverse ways you have served one another and the community!!

Your focus on becoming more faithful disciples is astounding as attendance at our various Bible Studies, Sunday School, Philosopher’s Club, Youth Group and Lifetree Café is bursting at the seams. Every month 10-20 youth are served through Youth Group—and you sent ten of them to the Winter Youth Rally to hear multiple sermons, presentations, and worship services. You can’t imagine the impact that will have on their lives.

We have been able to support various individuals who have needed short-term financial help. This year many people experienced very difficult, life-changing circumstances. We have been able to provide pastoral counseling and the blessing of an entire church family that rallied around them with prayer, support, sympathy, friendship, and guidance. Innumerable hospital, hospice, and nursing home visits have extended the love of the church to those in pain. We have comforted families the loss of loved ones and celebrated lives through funeral services. We have blessed three young couples beginning their lives together through pre-marital counseling and officiating their weddings.

The Fellowship Hall and Education Wing was used to host bridal and baby-showers, birthday parties, and Eagle Scout Courts of Honor. We hosted training events for the District and Conference—including 160 people for the Equipping Church Leaders Conference. Weekly piano, organ and accordion lessons are taught in our sanctuary. AA and Al Anon leadership meetings take place here as well. The church has been packed for the Christmas Open House, the Corn Roast, Faith Day and the Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. You have truly enabled us to live into our mission of being a Community Hub by your generous support of our Ministry Budget and the Faithfully Forward Building Expansion.

Our Ministry Budget for 2019 is about $168,000. Working together this is an achievable target to fund the ministries to which we have been called.

This is also the third year of our Faithfully Forward Capital Campaign to pay for the Fellowship Hall and Education Building Expansion. This year we will pay off the $190,000 3-year loan. There is only $68,000 in principal and interest left to pay (from February-December). The second loan is for 21 years and costs $3,000 per month in principal and interest ($33,000 for the rest of the year). We still have $17,500 in reserves to help with these costs. In total, we need to raise $83,500 for debt repayment by December 2019—or about $7,600 per month. As we finish paying off this first loan in 2019, we will freed to focus our financial stewardship on more and more ministry opportunities as we head faithfully into the future!

In conclusion, we want to thank you for your prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness! Finally, if you haven’t already, we are asking you to prayerfully consider making a pledge to the Ministries and the Faithfully Forward Capital Campaign for 2019. If you have not yet pledged or if you need to make a change please submit a new pledge card (available online or at church) to the church office.

Thank you and God Bless!

The Rev. Jason Perkowski

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